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Notion Timebox Template

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What is Time Boxing Technique?

Time Boxing is a valuable technique from Harvard for busy individuals aiming to enhance organization and productivity. This method involves breaking down tasks into smaller, manageable portions, allowing you to concentrate on one task at a time and complete it promptly. It's a straightforward yet effective way to stay focused and get things done efficiently. For me personally, it helped organize my hectic and all over the place schedule and lack of organization.

How to Use?

To maximize the effectiveness of the Timebox Template follow these simple steps:

  1. Accessing the Template:
    • Click on the desired day you want to plan in your Notion workspace.
    • Add a block to the selected day.
  2. Pre-designed Boxes:
    • I've already curated various boxes such as Workout, Home, Read, Gaming, etc. Choose the ones that align with your activities.
  3. Adding Date and Time:
    • When adding the date of your timebox, ensure you include the specific hour for proper organization.
    • In the duration section, specify the start and end hours in the format "22:00 - 23:00."
  4. Status Monitoring:
    • Utilize the status feature to monitor the completion status of your timeboxes. This provides a quick overview of your progress.
  5. Daily Priorities:
    • Use the Daily Priorities section to list 3 to 5 critical tasks that must be accomplished in the upcoming days. This helps you stay focused on your key objectives.
  6. Notes Section:
    • Leverage the Notes section for all your note-taking and brain dump activities. This area is designed for capturing additional thoughts, ideas, or information related to your timeboxing.

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Timebox Notion Template

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Notion Timebox Template

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